Revolutionise how you deal with payments in your school or sports club.

Online Payments System

  • Use your club website, Facebook page or Twitter account to collect fees by using our ‘Online payment System’.

  • Make it easy for your School Parents/Club Members & Parents to pay for their school books & membership fees throughout the year.

  • You will have full control on who is paying and when. You can avail of daily/weekly/monthly printout of fees collected using our easy-to-use Online Management System.

  • School Principal, Club Chairperson & Treasurers will have access to the Online Management System making for a clear and transparent system.

  • Avail of our very affordable ‘Online Payments System’ for your school or club now by clicking on the link below.

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iCardSchool & iCardSport

  • Use our iCardSchool & iCardSport to regularise how you purchase products for your School or Club. No more cash needed.

  • iCardSchool & iCard Club is a very affordable safe manner for your teaching staff and club committee to spend school or club funds in a safe & transparent manner.

  • iCardSchool & iCardSport cannot be used in the ATM avoiding the use of cash.

  • iCardSchool & iCardSport, with accompanying PIN, can be used in all retailing outlets and online to get the very best value for your school and Sports Club.

  • Using our easy to use Online Management System funds can be put on and taken off cards when needed and as required. Cards are fully controllable.

  • Full transparency and vision for all transactions, carried out by all card holders, available using our Online Management System for the School Principal, Club Chairperson and all Treasurers.

  • Avail of our very affordable iCardSchool & iCardSport system by clicking on the link below.

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