Gerry Moran Background

Read the experience of Gerry Moran that led him to create iPaymentsCentre

My name is Gerry Moran and I am based in Wexford. I am a Primary School Principal with 8 years’ experience as a Teaching principal and 7 years as Administrative Principal. I am lucky to have worked in 4 different schools as principal in Wexford thus far.

I have 24 years’ experience working in Primary Schools and the same amount of time volunteering in different Sports Clubs.

I have a keen interest in designing tools for Schools and Sports Clubs that will improve the smooth running of these very busy entities.

I have a full appreciation of the pressures involved in leading & managing schools of all sizes. In particular I fully understand the issues involved in managing small schools. Small schools are the life line of any community along with their local sports clubs.

I hope that my 2 financial products will save you time and money, allowing you to focus on your core work, which is teaching & learning or providing for your club members.

I would be delighted to discuss these 2 products with you at any stage

Beir bua,

Gerry Moran

Loch Garman