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Step 1:

Complete the Application Form below. When you press submit, the form will be emailed to the secretary’s email address with further instructions.

Step 2:

Send the following documents to icard@ipaymentscentre.ie

  • Copy of in date ID (passport/driving licence)
  • Copy of address verification (dated within last 3 months)
  • Confirmation of Bank Details (top of statement from within last 3 months showing BIC and IBAN)

Step 3:

Complete Card Request Form (Click Here)

Step 4:

Make Payment – Details will be on the email sent to the secretary’s email address when the application form is submitted.

Step 5:

Your application will be processed and your iCards will be ordered for delivery within 10 working days

Please now proceed with Step 1 and complete the following application form.

  • Section 1 - Applicant

  • Principal Details

  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Deputy Principal

  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Operational Contacts

  • Section 2 - Description of Services

  • Section 3 - Bank Account Details

  • 8 or 11 Characters
  • Section 4 - Required Documents

  • Please indicate as appropriate that the following documentation is available.

  • Depending on the nature of your business structure/model/operation we may request additional documentation, at our discretion, to satisfy regulatory and card scheme requirements.

  • Declarations

  • I/We hereby confirm to be the owner of the listed website(s). i/We further declare to have full control and authorisation of the website content. I/We also declare on behalf of the school and on behalf of myself/ourselves that to the best of my/our knowledge, neither the school or the website nor myself/oursleves (or any of us) have ever been involved in, investigated for or convicted of fraud or other criminal offence in relation to money laundering or proceeds of crime, nor been declared insolvent. I/We agree that further enquiries that are considered necessary may be undertaken by Prepaid Financial Services Limited (PFS). I/We declare that the information I/We have provided on this document is accurate and true. By Signing this application form, you providing consent to us to carry out background checks with Credit Agencies and other third parties in order to fulfill our regulatory and card scheme obligations. this information may be recorded and referenced in the future.

  • When you press submit below, this form will be emailed to the secretary's email address to print. On the printed form, please sign where indicated below

    Principal/Chairperson's signature:__________________________________________________

    Print principal/chairperson's name: ________________________________________________________