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Why Use iCard In Your School/Club?

iCard makes time for School Principals/Secretaries & Club Chairpersons/traesurers by negating the use of cash throughout the system. It frees up time to concentrate on core school/club activities. No more time wasted on searching for cash.

What Is It?

iCard is an affordable system where you give a prepaid card to each teacher or club member, which is fully controlled by the Principal or Treasurer.

  • iCard replaces cash and the need to give cash to Teachers to buy art & craft and classroom based resources.
  • iCard gives Teachers the freedom to shop in any retailer and online and allows them the freedom to get the very best value for the School.
  • iCard is fully controlled by the iCard Portal where the Principal/Secretary/Treasurer can put funds onto each  iCard and also take funds back from each iCard.
  • It is a very safe transparent method of dealing with Teacher expenses and removes cash from the equation.
  • In my school I have an iCard for the Secretary and the Caretaker also so that they can buy office equipment and caretaking equipment wherever they need to source it.
  • The school is not restricted to any one office supply shop.
  • The iCard is not a credit card and does not work in the ATM, we want to avoid cash.
  • iCard is an affordable system for all schools no matter the size.
  • It negates the need to use cash and avoids all bank charges for use of cash.
  • It creates time for Principals and School Secretaries as they are no longer dealing with cash.
  • The iCard Portal tracks all spending on all iCards and is available for the BoM to track spending.
  • Daily, weekly/ monthly print out are available for all iCards easily at the touch of a button.
  • If you are familiar with online banking systems then you will be able to use this system.
    It is designed by principals for principals.