iPayments System

ipc ipayments


  • Emailed receipt to principal/chairperson & payee for every transaction.
  • Funds transferred into school/club account weekly
  • Easily created online daily/weekly/monthly transactions visible on iPayments Portal.
  • Refunds can be easily generated via online portal.
  • iPayments System creates time for school principal, secretaries, treasurers, sports committees as it rules out the need to handle cash.


Once off upfront payment to purchase system:      €120.00

Monthly PCI Compliance fee: €3.50

  • No yearly fee thereafter
  • 2% transaction fee

No surprises, no hidden fees. Affordable for every school, charity & sports club in the country.


Easy to use iPayment Portal that can be added to your website to allow you to take payments online


What is it?

By purchasing the system you purchase a link to a payments page that you install on your school/club/charity website. Payees then pay for membership/books/swimming/fees online, ruling out cash/cheques that are expensive.

The link will have your school/club/charity crest on it.

How does the system create time?

By ruling out coin and cash the system transfers money into the school/club account weekly which means less time running to the bank with cash and coin which is expensive.

Does the system generate a receipt?

Yes, the payee and school or club is emailed a receipt after every transaction.

Hint: create an email for payments, e.g. onlinepaymentsNaomhMhuire@gmail.com. All payment emails will be stored at this one email address.

Is there a contract?

There is a 2 year contract before documents need to be updated but there is no exit fee. If you don’t like the system you just stop using it.

Can I see an example?

Yes, visit www.bunscoilris.ie and click on payments tab and it will bring you to payments page at https://www.ecomm-pay.com/bunscoilris

Is it easy to install link?

Relatively easy, I installed it on my school website without too much work. Alternatively the person who looks after your website should be able to install it.

How much does it cost?

€120 to purchase, no yearly fee, 2% per transaction thereafter for schools & clubs.

Can I track payments?

Using the online portal, with your username & password you can track transactions daily, weekly, monthly. https://acp.ecomm365.com/acquiringacp/login.aspx

Can I issue refunds?

Yes, via online portal https://acp.ecomm365.com/acquiringacp/login.aspx

How hard is it to use the system?

If you can do online banking you can use this system. Once installed onto website the work is done. Portal allows for payment tracking. A school secretary/club secretary should get the hang of it fairly quickly.

How else can I use the link?

You can email, text the payment link to parents/members who are a little slow paying fees. Link can be embedded on Facebook and Twitter pages also.